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There Is Nothin' Like A Dame

Last night my grandparents took me to see South Pacific. I haven’t watched the film so this was a new one for me.


We were seated in the Circle, although we couldn’t see a little bit of the far left hand side of the stage it was still as good a view as any.

The show started at 7.30pm, they had a live orchestra of 50 below the stage. As the Thanksgiving Folly begins, the cast members interact with the conductor which I thought was brilliant usually the orchestra just do their part and attention isn’t drawn to them but this interaction made me like the show even more.

The advertising of the show did show Samantha Womack, we were surprised to see Rebecca Thornhill playing the leading lady (Nellie Forbush) however, Rebecca Thornhill was rather lovely to watch and listen to.   Unfortunately Daniel Koek was ill so James Austen Murray took over the role of Lt. Cable, he did rather well.

The show had me, plus the rest of the audience, in stitches! It was brilliant! I especially liked the Seabees ;) what?! I’m a 25 year old girl, of course young men showing off their toned torsos would interest me haha....although I was surprised by two Seabees who were naked apart from a towel hiding their unmentionables :P haha

The only trouble was, whilst Nellie was doing her solo number after I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair, i could see one of the nurses waiting in the wings, spinning around and dancing; I assume she was rehearsing dance steps, which sort of distracted me from Nellie.

The people sat behind us were avid fans of the performances I could hear them singing along to Some Enchanted Evening which for me didn’t spoil it at all, it just added to the atmosphere.  

I know they can’t fit everything in, but I felt the scene where Lt. Cable met Liat, was rushed. There was no real development between these two characters and their story. It was literally they met, had sex, and Lt. Cable was leaving. There was no space there that would have allowed them to fall in love, like they were supposed to.  I guess that is in the film, which I WILL be hiring from LoveFilm momentarily.

Alex Ferns (aka: Trevor from Eastenders) was an excellent choice for Luther Billis, the comedic wheeler dealer. Some of my favourite scenes from this show featured Billis; There Is Nothin’ Like A Dame (which I’m still humming now) and the Thanksgiving Folly’s Bunny Hun.

Would definitely see it again!!