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Random Inspiration...?

OK so not much has gone on today, meant to be revising but the exam yesterday wiped me out so just bumming around today, sticking to the common definition of the classic Student stereotype....just without all the booze! HAHA! So I’ve been thinking about life and the likes when I decided that would I really like to get back into blogging...properly! So I did some digging and found a website that uses 'prompts' so that it inspires you to write about something.....Although looking through the prompts they look like they would be perfect for the Writer's Block questions hmm...


Anywho, I managed to get my Dissertation finished WOOO! and it was handed in on time too, just about. Turns out a few people have had an extension on it so they don't have to hand it in until the beginning of June!! So they all get an extra month and a bit to work on it. We have had since June last year to think about the dissertation and we were allowed to start it in September...now some of these people didn't even bother working on their Dissertation until January/February, so why the hell should they be allowed to get an extension?!? I mean fair enough to one lady who had to apply for it as weather conditions affected her study, the animals she was meant to be recording didn't come out when they usually do, which is out of her control really. But some people did questionnaires, originally those doing questionnaires were meant to get them out a while before Christmas so that a majority of them would be back for February. Allowing them time to sort out all their results etc. before the deadline, one guy decided to wait until January to hand them out and only got under 20 back, this guy has an extension... because he was too lazy to do everything when he was supposed to. During all that time of NOT handing out questionnaires he should have been working on his Literature Review and Methodology all of which he hasn't done until recently. Seriously how did he manage to get an extension? It was all laziness!

 Not looking forward to giving a presentation on my dissertation, to me it doesn't feel like I have enough information that is relevant or good enough to present. They say that you'll all do fine as we know our Dissertation better than anybody else but seriously I dunno if I can talk for 15 minutes about mine and then stand there for another 5 minutes waiting for random questions.The last presentation I gave was a couple of weeks ago about a Current Issue I had chosen which was about de-beaking hens and that went terribly. I was shaking and my notes were in the wrong order, there was no internet so I couldn't show a video I was hoping to show AND I finished early....I think?! :-| to top it off when I looked over at the lecturer who was marking me I realised that one ENTIRE comment box had been left blank....which means I missed something!!!! GAH!!!!

I have 3 exams left, and they are all next week. On Monday I have my business exam which is open book : ) Tuesday I have my current issues exam which is about badger, environmental enrichment and Uist Hedgehogs annnnd then on Thursday I have my cognition exam, which is gonna be a bitch absolutely awful : (  Soo close to the end of this course now, I can also taste it...It’s meant to be scary but right now it doesn’t seem so bad, maybe as i get closer to the end and the reality of it comes into view point then I’ll start worrying about it, shall be filling out CV things online so I can put myself out there a bit, you never know might get a really good job : )