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Oh Canada....

So since my dad came back from his week in Canada with his new partner, he has been talking about moving out to Canada.

He told me I could go with him or stay behind. I wasn’t sure whether I would go or not for various reasons, but was told it could be a very good opportunity for me.

A couple of weeks ago my dad and his partner went to a “Moving to Canada” conference type thing.

Telling me how they are calling out for skilled people and for graduates. That with my degree someone would snap me up relatively quickly.

So I looked at a series of websites my dad gave me that would list the jobs being advertised in Canada right now, I spent some time going through them all. Even looked at working holidays, were you work your way across a country.

For example: Let’s say you wanted to work on a farm, you would work at one farm anything from two weeks to a month in exchange for a bed and meals then move onto the next farm doing the same.


A few days later...

He talked to my grandparents about getting a single bedroom house out there, and told us about the financial breakdown for it.

And then told his partner’s son and myself that when they leave to go to Canada: they were thinking of switching the names on the house to us. He then went into a big lecture about the front garden and that we had to keep it looking tidy as well as the house, because the council doesn’t like it when their properties aren’t looked after properly.

Which I found offensive, as I am always trying to keep things clean and tidy in the house. Every day I clean the kitchen, make sure the dishes are clean, empty the bin, take the bins out on bin days etc

The result?

Me, very confused as to whether I should even bother continue looking at Canada jobs.