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Writers Block

This story i’ve been trying to write for oh...a few years now is difficult. I have all these ideas but just cant seem to piece them together.

So can i actually finish this thing? I need to find a clear story line/ plot

I need to delve deeper into my characters, to really find out their own stories and how they will develop over the course of this manuscript.
It doesn’t help that the space bar and the b button on my laptop are knackered so when i am on a writing streak i have to break the train of thought to go back and correct what is written. Its frustrating to say the least, and because my writing is so sporadic (in reference to scenes and chapters) there is no way i can handwrite it without feeling left confused about where bits go. On my laptop at least i can drop things anywhere in the frame work with ease.

I’ve tried listening to music, sometimes this induces a glimpse of a certain point within the story and as i transfer the glimpse into writing it develops into an actual scene.

Gah! Maybe i’m just not good at writing and just leave it.